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Has been formed with the objective of giving shape and putting forward a consolidated voice of all stake holders who are associated with Biomass Industry in India including but not limited to Collection, Processing, Equipment Manufacturers, Technology providers, Processing industries but also its user industries like CBG, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Power producers, including farmers.

CBEII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, with members from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and indirect memberships from enterprises, national and regional sectoral industry bodies and also the regulators.

Mission And Purpose

Mission Statement

Revolutionize and assist the growth of the Bioenergy sector in India through an integrate chain of stakeholders from Farm to Furnace built on pillars of Information | Technology | Trade  

The Confederation strives to achieve the following goals and tasks:

The confederation represents the valid interests of its members, promotes exchange of information and experience in the biomass industry and assists its members to address their requirements with various government agencies/regulators for development of the industry in India.

The confederation offers coordination activities and a communications platform to its members for Financial, Compliance and Regulatory mechanism specially to small and medium enterprises that are the backbone of bioenergy sector.

These services of Confederation in particular assist members in enhancing their understanding of the sector, its opportunities, challenges, funding, available technologies and policy changes resulting in improvement of their respective business environment.


The Confederation has been built around the main verticals of

Biomass producers

(Farmers and Industrial)

Briquettes and Pellets


Industrial users

(Manufacturing sector and other users of bio energy)

Bio fuels

(CBG, Ethanol, Hydrogen, etc)



(PE, Investors, Banks, FI’s, Lawyers, Consultants, etc)

Each industry vertical is represented by 2 members in the Executive Committee which ensures that respective industries are able to duly impress the concerns and needs of their industries in the working of the Confederation.

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