Need For Industry Body And Objectives

Confederation of Bio Energy Industry of India

The Confederation of Biomass Energy Industry of India is an industry body created with the purpose to represent the entire gamut of the Biomass sector in India. The Biomass sector is a sunrise sector in the country and its potential continues to grow at an incremental pace. It has been a collective need of all industry participants, investors, service and technology providers for a platform that can represent the interest of all subsets and also create a ecosystem which assists in improving the efficiencies. CBEII is a collective idea of many such industry participants who felt the need of a platform to exchange ideas, enhance their learning curves, represent the challenges and request support from regulators and policy makers.

The industry has grown multifold from the initial Biomass IPP’s to being potentially one of the most important sources of sustainable energy including conversion to Compressed Bio Gas, Liquid fuels like Ethanol, Bio diesel but also Green Hydrogen.

Biomass briquettes and pellets are already widely being used in industry applications as a sustainable source of thermal energy replacing dirty fuels like Coal, FO, LDO, etc.

The industry creates an impact not only by way of providing the society an alternate sustainable energy source but also by putting into use agri residue which is being burnt in the fields across the country and thereby creating pollution.

The sourcing model of this agri residue has the potential of creating millions of jobs in the rural sector in India and therefore increasing farm income. The circular economy of biomass has the potential to radically transform local rural economies and assist the process of nation building.

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